I am Amber and I am so happy that your soul has led you here!

My dreams for you... 
That you fall in love with learning who you truly are. 
That you begin to hold space for Love, Compassion, and Worthiness for yourself. 
That you awaken to your own innate ability to heal, for yourself and others. 
That you become so inspired and empowered to create a world that vibrates and aligns with your highest good.

So that others may become incredibly inspired by you to do the same with their own life.

My dreams for you, are that you embrace every ounce of your unique miraculous life and let not a day go by touched without your light! 
You are here on purpose my love.

You matter. I see you. I believe in you.

Gratitude Always,

Amber Nicole



Amber is a Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Alignment Mentor who specializes in bringing clarity and releasing stagnant energy in each intentionally customized and sacred session. Blending her knowledge and tools, Amber provides sessions that combine Intuitive Guidance, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy, Crystal Energy, Restorative Yoga and Mantras. Her overall intention is to have her sessions promote empowerment, inspiration and motivation for you to embark on a beautiful and transformational journey of healing and living a life of truth for your highest good!

Amber also spends her time channeling her healing intentions and Reiki Energy into handmade One of a Kind high vibrational Malas and Jewelry. Hand selecting top quality gem stones and materials, Amber infuses her excitement and creative energy into every piece with the vision that her creations will offer and promote guidance for one to live a life of purpose and deep self devotion.

Visit The Mala Shop and Jewelry Shop to see if anything calls to your heartspace!

State Certified Massage Therapist- 2009

Reiki Master Teacher- 2010

Certified Yoga Teacher- 2016

Restorative Yoga teacher- 2018

Other training in Chakra Healing, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Meditation & Intuitive Development


Where to find Amber?

Amber is located in Vacaville, CA. She serves all of Vacaville and local/surrounding cities through private and/or group sessions and events. Online sessions will be coming to TheDailyHealing.Com. In the meantime, visit the Contact page to request a private session.

Be sure to check the Gatherings section for upcoming workshops, classes and retreats!