There are different methods one may use when selecting their very own set of Intention Beads or Crystal.

Each set of Intention Beads or Crystal may carry very different meanings when it comes to your healing needs.


Here are a few methods I like to use when making my own selection.



  1. Ask yourself what it is that you are needing at this moment in your life. i.e. Balance, Courage, Self- Empowerment, Financial Stability, Physical Healing, Emotional Balance, etc.
  2. Once you have come to a conclusion in  what you want from your Intention Beads or Crystal, do your research. As stated, each crystal, gem, or mineral carries their own metaphysical properties that may compliment your needs. You will find that I give a brief description for each of my offerings in the Crystal Shop. From Chakra matching to Metaphysical Property breakdowns. Other resources to use when doing your research are, of course, the internet., is my trusty go to site if I need a quick look up of any crystal. Another recommendation would definitely have to be any one of Judy Halls Crystal Books. Her books are a must, especially if you find that you want to start learning more about Mother Earths amazing Crystal treasures.
  3. Once you have narrowed down your needs and have done your research on which crystal will benefit you most, now its time to make your selection. When it comes to making the selection, I turn to my intuition. The trusty inner yes or no. You may hear a simple Yes or No. You may Feel the Yes or No. Some may even visualize the Yes or No. However your intuition speaks to you, trust it, and trust it the first time. No second guessing. In that moment you may not understand why you may have gravitated towards a specific crystal. But the answer comes and you will find that this specific crystal chose you. How wonderful is that!


I hope these methods for your Crystal selection helps you even if just a bit. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me and I will be oh so happy to offer my assistance!

Have a beautiful day!