Crystals x Minerals 101: Getting to know your crystals


Crystals x Minerals 101: Getting to know your crystals



Whether you are new to crystals or an avid collector, this fun high vibrational class is meant for all.

In this 3-part Crystals & Minerals series, you will learn their unique properties, how to select your crystal, how to care for your crystals, and how to implement crystals into your daily rituals or healing practice. 

In our first class, we will get to know and learn all about some of the most commonly known and not so known, crystals and minerals from around the world. From their properties, to how they can assist you in attracting abundance or love, to how to confidently know you are choosing the right Crystal for you!

Feel free to bring any crystals from your own collection that you may want to share and discuss!

Date: March 24th, 2018

Time: 10am-11:30am

Location: Blissful Massage & Wellness Center

Facilitator: Amber Arriola, Owner of The Daily Healing

Investment: $25 (Pre-Registration is required)

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