My Vision

An abundantly growing community of beautiful souls embarking on a journey of self healing and self love. 

My Mission

To offer healing on every level using the highest knowledge that I hold within while letting my intuition guide me through your time of healing.

My Purpose

To Inspire. To Empower. To Create a world where beautiful souls awaken to their truth, their power, their love and carry on this gift of healing and empowerment to others. 

Who I AM

Hello beautiful souls! I am Amber Nicole and I am so happy you are here!

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A little about myself...

I'm in love with cotton candy sunsets, barefoot walking on the damp earth, getting lost in the magical glow of the moon, and closing my eyes on the top of a mountain while the wind blows through my hair.

Most days you will find me soaking up crystal energy, creating intentional jewelry, or treating clients with energy work and massage therapy that offers deep relaxation and stress relief.

In 2009 I followed a vision that pulled me and I became a Certified Massage Therapist finishing with over 620 hrs of life changing work. This became my calling. Not to just give a massage treatment, but to help those suffering and in pain, in any way I could. In 2010, I became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher which enhanced my passion to help and also prepared me for deeper work. To help people heal beyond their physical strains. But on every level, body, mind, and soul. I believe our bodies shed the tears that our eyes refuse to cry. Meaning, when we hold stuff in, burry that stuff deep down inside, it will always eventually manifest itself either within our bodies or situations and relationships. 

This is where I find my work resides. To help others help themselves. To help others empower themselves. To help others love themselves. By  choosing to heal and come alive!

We matter and are so worthy of this love and self care.

In addition to Energy Healing, I will very soon and excitedly bring a new modality to The Daily Healing! In September, I embarked on the most life changing adventure of my life time!  I packed my bags and flew over 8,000 miles to find myself in Bali, Indonesia! There I studied under Meghan Currie and practiced with 39 other beautiful courageous souls for 28 days. Through an extreme determination and unwavering vision, I became a Certified Yoga Teacher!! I cannot wait to share this wonderful healing modality of yoga with you!

There will be plenty of unforgettable workshops and retreats to come! Visit the Events  page to see where TDH will be next!

Till then, I send my love and light and I thank you so very much for joining me on this amazing journey!

With Gratitude,

Amber Nicole

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