Bali...A Journey Inward


October 5th, 2017

Today is the day that I came into this lifetime 33 years ago. Has it really been 33 years? 


I can vividly remember this day last year and all of the emotions that came with it. I was all the way across the world in Bali preparing to co-teach my very first class for my yoga teacher training practicum.

I was both nervous and incredibly excited and underneath it all, tremendously questioning my entire being.

Before embarking on this wild dream trip, I like to think that I had everything figured out. I had my healing practice up and running. My online business was booming and growing and yoga, a huge love of mine, was going to soon be another modality under my belt to offer to the world. The strong vision I held for once I got back, was to create and offer powerful and empowering workshops, mind blowing classes, and unforgettable retreats. I was already buzzing off of this intention before my Bali journey even began.

I remember holding firm to the intention to set out on this adventure in order to tune into and seek out my true authenticity. I wanted to release what no longer aligned with my reality and who I was. 



My truth. 

Were my words I carried with me.

I thought I knew what that meant for me at the time. I envisioned myself stepping into my power. Whole heartedly speaking my truth. Feeling insanely confident to the core and incredibly worthy of what this trip had to offer.

I felt like I would become superwoman!

But... the opposite happened...


To be continued.

New Moon Love

Well Hello and welcome to my first post. There is a New Moon tonight and here I am launching my website, bringing something new to the world. So naturally, I feel my first post would be a New Moon ritual/celebration.


I'll keep it simple.

What you'll need:



Smudge Stick or Incense or none if you don't swing that way

Meditation Music


Fire Safe Dish



Begin by preparing your sacred space. You can cleanse it by smudging/saging or burning incense. Light some candles and put on your sweet sweet soul soothing music, whatever that may be. I like Native American Flutes and Drums, myself. Get yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and inhale several cleansing breathes. When you exhale, try exhaling through your mouth letting go of all the debris and garbage you have accumulated, today, this week, this year. let it go. Let your exhales be audible. Don't be shy. Exhale the bullshit.

Once you feel comfortable with your breath begin to focus on your intentions. What do you want to manifest in this moment. Allow your imagination to run wild. What are your dreams filled with. Let yourself imagine what it would FEEL like to have those intentions come to fruition. Feel that dream manifesting, feel it in your heartspace. Feel it in your, solar plexus. Do you feel the butterflies? This is you manifesting. Stay in this meditation till you are comfortable enough to open your eyes. Once your meditation is complete, grab your pen and paper and begin to write down what you just imagined manifesting. Write down all of your intentions for this month. Don't you dare hold yourself back! Once you are finished writing, fold up your paper tightly, light a match, and burn it! Yes, burn it. Allow your intentions to be taken by the universe with no attachments to them. The universe has your back, now let it do its part, while you do yours.

Wishing you a happy New Moon and love and light to many of your dreams coming true!


Amber Nicole