Bali...A Journey Inward


October 5th, 2017

Today is the day that I came into this lifetime 33 years ago. Has it really been 33 years? 


I can vividly remember this day last year and all of the emotions that came with it. I was all the way across the world in Bali preparing to co-teach my very first class for my yoga teacher training practicum.

I was both nervous and incredibly excited and underneath it all, tremendously questioning my entire being.

Before embarking on this wild dream trip, I like to think that I had everything figured out. I had my healing practice up and running. My online business was booming and growing and yoga, a huge love of mine, was going to soon be another modality under my belt to offer to the world. The strong vision I held for once I got back, was to create and offer powerful and empowering workshops, mind blowing classes, and unforgettable retreats. I was already buzzing off of this intention before my Bali journey even began.

I remember holding firm to the intention to set out on this adventure in order to tune into and seek out my true authenticity. I wanted to release what no longer aligned with my reality and who I was. 



My truth. 

Were my words I carried with me.

I thought I knew what that meant for me at the time. I envisioned myself stepping into my power. Whole heartedly speaking my truth. Feeling insanely confident to the core and incredibly worthy of what this trip had to offer.

I felt like I would become superwoman!

But... the opposite happened...


To be continued.