"I have had 3 magical reiki sessions with Amber. I have never experienced reiki until I met Amber. Her spirit is so calming and loving. Every time I received a treatment, different emotions came to surface yet being around Amber, I didn't feel embarrassed, I felt comforted and protected. I highly recommend any treatment from Amber. I've also received a wellness massage and that was incredible also. We've all heard the phrase, "When you meet someone, you just know." I knew that when I first met Amber, and since then I've gained an incredible friend. She's incredibly passionate about her crafts and offerings! You will not be disappointed." -Bianca



"Amber gave me the most incredible massage ever. Her intuition, healing touch and loving heart made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I would recommend Amber to anyone who needs a fantasticbody tune up and desires ultimate holistic balance." - Ginger Tracy Olmscheid


"I would like to share my first Chakra/ Reiki session with you , I must say this is

     all new to me,so I was somewhat nervous . But as soon as I entered the room

     it was so peaceful, with calming music in the background,very inviting, then 

     Amber talked to me and explained what to expect and I was totally at ease.

     I was ask to lie on the massage table covered with fresh linens and we began .

    Amber started with a upper body massage with some beautiful scented oils 

     which was very relaxing and then the healing began with specially chosen 

     crystalsplaced on all my Chakra Points.

     She began with my Crown Chakra and I feel the energy from her hands around 

     my head and all of a sudden I feel tears running down my face and I can'tstop

     crying and I see this little blonde girl dancing, playing and laughing and she 

     looks up at me and I smile at her and the tears just stop and Amber tells me to 

     go with it, accept it and release it and I am at peace again . When she came to    

     my Heart Chakra it was AMAZING the room filled with this beautiful bright

     shimmeringemerald green light spinning around the room , so beautiful 

     and breathtaking , still makes me smile .

 Now the most amazing experience was my Solar Plexus Chakra thats when things 

     started happening .I knew in my mind I had been having issues in this area

     for over a week , so as I am lyingthere I feel the warmth of her hands and 

     that area begins to move like crazy , rolling ,jerking and I feel her hand/energy

     go in there and my mind can see her hands pulling stuffout over and over

     and all of a sudden complete calmness , stillness and no more issues in this 

     area. Amazing !!! Well just to saymy Solar Plexus Chakra is now open ,no problems 

    at all afterwards . This was an amazing experience , I was so calm,relaxed

    for the rest of the day and slept like a baby . I am looking forward to my next

    session with Amber and her Healing hands, I can’t Thank You enough !!!

                    Much Love …..Judie<3”


"I want to share my friend Amber Nicole for massage and Reiki here in Vacaville. I have tagged a few of my family and friends because we have all had change in our life recently and has brought us down deep and some are having problems getting back happy. I've been that way since last year with my mom passing and my stroke I had in November. It has been very difficult for me and then I decided to see my friend that I hadn't seen for a long time and I feel so much better. I truly believe that sometimes we need someone like Amber and our life as a guide, a tool, a friend to help us through our changes. Please research her and her business you'll find that she's very blessed and can heal.  I do Reiki however since last year I have stopped but after talking with Amber I can continue and heal myself.  Thank you Amber. ❤️" -Renee