K A R U N A (The Dharma Collection)

K A R U N A (The Dharma Collection)


Description: “Karuna is understood as compassion through action. It’s a two-way street, as kindness and empathy can help us just as much as it helps the other person. All acts have the ability to heal, even simply acknowledging that we’re all human and going through your day with open awareness of that. Something as seemingly small as smiling at a stranger could change their day—and yours.” -Ajay Relan

Affirmation: In pursuit of my dreams, I move from my heart. Allowing compassion and kindness to be at the forefront of every decision I make.


Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Crown Chakra

Sacred Materials:

Sunstone- Joy, Happiness, Inner Light, Self Worth, Empowerment, Motivation

Burma Jade- Self Discovery, Compassion, Protection, Abundance, Love, Accessing the best version of yourself

Fragrant Green Sandalwood- Soothing, Calm, Cleansing

Herkimer Diamond- High Frequency, Manifestation, Purification


Hand knotted on durable silk cord and finished with our signature hand wrapped double tassels.

Your kit includes: Locally made wood intention box, Polished Peach Moonstone, Mala Care card, Mala Pouch, and loose sage for cleansing.

Care: Care for your Mala is important in order to sustain its magic and longevity. Do not wear your Mala during yoga or exercising. When not in use, keep your Mala in your pouch provided and cleanse periodically with herbs, sound, placing on Selenite or by moonlight.

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