What are Intentions?

Simply put, intentions are plans that set your soul on fire and make you come alive.

Why setting intentions are necessary?


This loving practice makes all the difference between having a dream, and truly living your dream. When you take the time to set your intentions, you are genuinely taking the time to show your dreams love. You are showing you love. Most of all you are creating the energy that the Universe responds to assist you with bringing your vision to life!


How to set your Intentions

Before you get started, set some uninterrupted time aside in your day and create your space.  Choose a location that feels comfortable and right. Set the tone to make magic happen. Burn sage or any other yummy herb that calms you into relaxation. Turn on some meditative music that soothes your day away. Or throw on the jams to get you upbeat and excited. Whatever floats your boat.

Now lets get started.

There are many ways in which you can choose to set your intentions. Whether it be a simple pen to paper to create one big list to hang up, creating an intention board/vision board, or even creating an intention journal that can be written in daily for your daily intentions. The use of Intention Beads also known as Mala beads are a beautiful way to tune in and set your intentions as well.

Choosing your intentions comes next. What is it that you find yourself constantly day dreaming about? What do you want to see come to fruition? Write them down! Document them! Say them out loud  to the Universe! Start holding yourself accountable to You and make your dreams happen. This can happen by setting daily intentions and you can even go big with it and set one huge intention for the year, why not? Start setting up your life in a way that is going to lead you to start powerfully manifesting your dreams. Because my darling beautiful soul, you are worthy and deserve to live the life that you so wildly dream of.

Now go use your magic and create!

Gratitude always,

Amber Nicole